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Bright Dairy refused to buy Huiyuan
Published:2009-6-10 15:21:33    Click:278
However, this proposal was not ultimately accepted Huiyuan. Informed sources said that Zhu would like to present a new ceremony of existing shares through a direct cash sale to gradually and eventually give up Huiyuan. As for the recent interest in buying more than a small number of fund shares, the analysis may indicate that the industry has cash flow Huiyuan thirst.

"Means the sale of a small part of the shares of the new Lilly Zhu Huiyuan Juice will continue to bear the operation and management of tasks, this does not conform to the new Premier of the long-term ceremony, a Huiyuan Juice may be the current cash flow is already very tight, resulting in the sale of its minority shares at an emergency financing . "analysts said.

April, Hong Kong-listed Huiyuan Juice in 2008 Annual Report released by multiple factors, Huiyuan profit dropped 86.1 percent, only 88.9 million yuan. Gross margin fell to 35.7 percent from 32.2 percent. And a year ago, Huiyuan Juice in 2007 net profit up 189 percent, to 640 million yuan.

"Despite the financial crisis, but the Wahaha in 2008, Master Kong, such as soft drinks are still massive growth in business, in which case, Huiyuan magnitude reduction in profits than the market expected." Hejun venture partner, said Tang Hao.

Entered in May 2009, Wahaha, such as the disclosure of substantial growth enterprises market sales, while a spokesman for Huiyuan Huiyuan juice-related sales this year's closely-guarded secret.
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