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"Additive-free" does not mean the food is assured
Published:2009-6-10 15:23:38    Click:252
In the interview, found that the market for the packaging of many food products are printed with "additive-free" message. With the improvement of food requirements, some manufacturers have played a trick, the "preservative free", "additive-free" as a selling point to promote in order to meet public spending. Food experts said that this is actually a kind of misleading to consumers. "Additive-free" does not mean the food is assured. In accordance with national standards for use of preservatives and additives, is a guarantee of food safety. Preservatives and the majority of the human body can digest and reasonable use of the human body is not harmful.

     "Non-additive" For lovely eyes gradually squandering

     "Non-additive," "preservative free" ... ... these words, for consumers, is no stranger to. Yesterday, Qingchun Road, a supermarket, the reporter found in the food, many food packaging are marked "This product does not contain preservatives," "this product does not add any preservatives in food" and other words, these foods, including fruit, meat prolyl, tea beverages, instant noodles, condiments, juice drinks, canned products, preserves and other dried fruit products.

     Journalists have readily picked up a box marked "additive-free" instant noodles, according to the manufacturer of the phone call the past. The manufacturers of Yichang is a question of the Advisory additives evasively and with that the issue to find the executives responsible for publicity and now he had a business trip, you come again in two days. And then hung up hastily.

     "Of course, does not contain food additives and preservatives, and to see the best package at the time of purchase." Supermarket, a shop assistant, told reporters this.

     Another supermarket in the beverage area, is to buy a retired teacher said that the manufacturers deliberately since the "preservative free" marked out, that is indeed harmful preservatives. "I have never marked those who only buy the 'non-preservative' products, or to buy food short shelf life. Like what never drink soft drinks, the most healthy beverage is pure water." He said.

     In the interview, the reporter found that most consumers believe that additives are substances hazardous to health. So many people think that marked the "preservative-free" food to make them at ease.

     Most consumers have misunderstood additives

     "Does not contain additives or preservatives-free does not mean that food is safe. Some of the food is necessary to add preservatives." In an interview with the media, the China Agricultural University College of Food, said Professor Fan Zhihong.

     It is learned that a lot of beverage products in the shelf-life of 12 months to 18 months. Such a long shelf life of beverages, particularly carbonated beverages, if does not contain preservatives, the quality can not be guaranteed. General well-known manufacturers in the packaging will be marked by the name of preservatives. But does not rule out some small companies to seek cost-effective use of the preservative itself is marked "preservative free", in order to meet consumer psychology.

     "At present, many of the products the food industry will be more or less different types of additives used. Do not use additives, it is difficult to manufacture so many in the food. If you hold a food additive, then it is easy to掉渣bread, cakes will be very stiff, and the color of fruit and will not look good. put a food additive, the bread does not take a few days of hard, soft and delicious cakes also. "Production and Application of Food Additives in China Industry Association executive vice president, said this QI Qing.

     QI Qing-that many people feel that food additives or preservatives fear that it will harm human health. This is because they do not know of these chemical substances. In fact, as long as the use of the state of the additives, and in accordance with the provisions of the standard use, the food is safe.

     It is reported that currently allow a certain amount of preservatives used in 29 species of animals and plants as raw materials in order to extract the natural-based preservatives, is the use of more types of sorbic acid and benzoic acid. Add preservatives to prevent the breeding of micro-organisms in food in order to trigger a deterioration of food rot. Food preservatives will be the majority of the human body to digest and reasonable use of the human body is not harmful.

     "Preservative free" suspected of false propaganda

     According to insiders revealed that in recent years, an increasing number of enterprises in the food packaging marked "preservative free", "additive-free" because consumers have a fear of chemicals. In packaging marked "additive free" and other words, they will take less wary consumers, the product will sell some. Of course, there are also some enterprises clearly added in food additives are not marked.

     A lawyer that if the food itself contains a preservative, but in its food packaging manufacturers on the label, "does not contain preservatives," the words, it is misleading, suggesting and to belittle the other food suspected of being in violation of relevant laws of China.

     It is understood that China's "Advertising Law", "Product Quality Law," "Consumer Protection Law" and "GM food labeling standards" such as law, operators of goods may not be "misleading propaganda."

     "At the same time, China's" Anti-Unfair Competition Law, "Article 9, the operator shall not use advertising or other methods on the quality of goods, the production of components, performance, uses, producer, expiration date, so food production, etc. misunderstanding of the false propaganda. If the product for market through false propaganda, which is not only a manufacturer of food additives and other food enterprises of the informal derogatory, but also for preservatives industry a heavy blow to the detriment of the preservatives in the production of peer-production enterprises and enterprises interests. More importantly, consumers will also be without any protection. "said the lawyer.

     Experts suggested that if they contain preservatives and other additives that "free", it is false propaganda. To industrial and commercial consumers, quality inspection and other related law enforcement agencies to report, It was true, the law enforcement agencies should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.
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