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Red Bull drink containing cocaine incident
Published:2009-6-10 15:25:45    Click:294
By June 4, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" reported involvement of the Hong Kong Police found cocaine drink Red Bull event, there are still shops for products not under the racks, 4 night from the police will go to retailers and restaurants distributing leaflets to advise the sale of Red Bull is still the business of real-time moratorium on the sale of products.
Hong Kong Narcotics Division reiterated that the possession of cocaine is a criminal offense and upon conviction is liable to imprisonment and fines.

The SAR Government on the 3rd with the Red Bull product met with representatives of the Hong Kong office, promised on behalf of Red Bull products, provide a full range of product data, batches, batch number and sample for testing to clarify in some samples of cocaine are found in system problem, or is it only a problem of the batch or lot number.

4, the night of the police to retailers and restaurants will hand out leaflets calling on businesses as a precautionary measure, real-time to stop the sale of Red Bull products, and taking the product back to suppliers, and reiterated that food manufacturers and the industry should be operated to ensure that products non-dangerous drugs.

Commissioner for Narcotics Sally Wong said that cocaine is subject to the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance control of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs is a criminal offense, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for 7 years and a fine of one million yuan.
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